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 Social Media Policy
1. Be courteous.  
2. Be accurate. 
3.Be non-confrontational. No fights on Facebook. 
4. Be useful.
1. Don't Bad Mouth.
2. Don't Complain.  If you have a problem with the school or PTA please contact either the main office or a PTA board member.  
3. Don't Defame. Show everyone respect.
Responsible Moderation
Moderation is the act of reviewing and approving content.  Our goal is to provide Crown Point Community interaction, therefore we will only remove content that is:  
*contains personal or cultural attacks
*promotes hate
*offensive in either content or language 
*potentially libelous
*plagiarised material 
*advertisements not related to CPE or the PTA
*that which is not related to Crown Point Elementary PTA, Crown Point Elementary or the local community